We care about the quality of our name card design, the happiness of our customers, and create more value-added services

How It All Started

My life partner recently started her own clinic in 2015, and needs to get the name card designed. So I stepped in and created her clinic logo and name cards and get it printed. From then own, I help her create her facebook page, and printed flyers & discount coupons for her clinic.

The Bright Idea

The idea for CheapNameCardDesign.com came when I realised that other SMEs owners would want to have their name card designed fast and affordable.

Quality of our Design and Printed Product

The same care I would give to my life partner in creating her name cards and using the high, thick quality printed name card paper.

Creating more value-added services

Besides creating template-ready logo and name card designs, and printed name cards, we also provide website services to our existing customers.

From domain name registration, web hosting & email setup, up to affordable template web design service.